Nth Position


Hicham’s poem ‘Yes’ has been published by online magazine Nth Position

Click HERE to read the poem.

Here’s what some folks have said about Nth Position

“a fascinating resource of contemporary poetry” – Orbis – Quarterly International Literary Journal

“showcases some of the freshest, most urgent voices in poetry and fiction today” – Verse

“For my money Jacket, nth position, Perihelion, Boomerang, Stride, and Riding the Meridian are some of the world’s best [Internet poetry mags].” The Writer’s Handbook 2005 – Macmillan



The Midnight Liner


The Midnight Liner


Cargo Collective

Hicham has been invited to be part of the community Cargo Collective

Delinquent magazine

Hicham Bensassi‘s poem ‘I am wrapped in your temper’ has been published in issue fourteen of  ‘the delinquent magazine

It is on sale now HERE

Black Cat Poems

Black Cat Poems

Hicham Bensassi’s poem ‘3:21am’ has been published By Black Cat Poems “an online library of poems categorized by subject and poet. There you can find writers like William Blake, Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, Edgar Allan Poe and much more”.

Read the poem HERE

20×20 Magazine

Two of Hicham Bensassi’s poems ‘The Grand Factory’ & ‘My Fire King’ have been published in Issue five of liturature and arts publication; 20×20 Magazine.

20x20 Magazine

You can read & buy a copy of the magazine HERE

Southbank Centre

Hicham Bensassi has contributed three poems to the South Bank Centre’s Global Poetry System. These include the poem ‘Blue and Green’ which was also included on the film ‘Gold Fish Bowl’.


Global Poetry System - Southbank Centre


You can read the poems HERE

Gold Fish Bowl

The film ‘Gold Fish Bowl’ due to be released late 2012 written & directed by Hicham Bensassi has been based on a number of his poems.

Gold Fish Bowl - 2010 Poster #1

Gold Fish Bowl - 2010 Poster #1

A conceptual trailer was filmed in July 2010 and was an official selection for the Portobello Film Festival 2010 and screened at the grand opening.

Hicham Bensassi’s poem ‘Blue and Green’ was performed Alem & Roselia Zappia also his poem ‘My Holy Spit’ was performed by actor Laurie Sherry for the film.

More info on the film can be found HERE

Invisible Strings

The poem ‘Invisible Strings’ by Hicham Bensassi has been performed by the Counter-culturalist, playwright and spoken word artist Lee Harris and included on the album: ‘Lee Harris meets River Styx – Angel Headed Hip Hop (Genepool/Universal Music Ltd) & also featuring: Aldous Huxley, Howard Marks, Brian Barritt, Henk Targowski & more.

Hicham Bensassi & Lee Harris

Hicham Bensassi & Lee Harris

“A heady mix of both spoken word poetry and fractured samples. The album is recontextualising the beat poets into the modern age” K&C Daily Times

The 21st century equivalent of the early experiments with beat poetry and improvised jazz…A slice of life, a slice of history” Upsetter Magazine

Listen to Hicham Bensassi’s poem ‘Invisible Strings’ performed by Lee Harris and the rest of the album: ‘Lee Harris meets River Styx – Angel Headed Hip Hop’- HERE

Also further collaborations include the experimental piece ‘Hunterland’ which comprises of a ‘Cut-up’ poem by Hicham Bensassi deriving from an orginal piece written by Lee Harris in 1976 – This was included as part of the 50th Anniversary symposium of the seminal book ‘Naked Lunch’ by William burroughs and has been included and can be heard on Nakedlunch.org

Naked lunch @50

Here is the film ‘The Road to the beat Hotel’, documenting the unveiling of the placque at the Beat Hotel: which features Jean-Jacques Lebel, Hicham Bensassi, Lee Harris, Eddie Woods Oliver Harris.

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