Invisible Strings

The poem ‘Invisible Strings’ by Hicham Bensassi has been performed by the Counter-culturalist, playwright and spoken word artist Lee Harris and included on the album: ‘Lee Harris meets River Styx – Angel Headed Hip Hop (Genepool/Universal Music Ltd) & also featuring: Aldous Huxley, Howard Marks, Brian Barritt, Henk Targowski & more.

Hicham Bensassi & Lee Harris

Hicham Bensassi & Lee Harris

“A heady mix of both spoken word poetry and fractured samples. The album is recontextualising the beat poets into the modern age” K&C Daily Times

The 21st century equivalent of the early experiments with beat poetry and improvised jazz…A slice of life, a slice of history” Upsetter Magazine

Listen to Hicham Bensassi’s poem ‘Invisible Strings’ performed by Lee Harris and the rest of the album: ‘Lee Harris meets River Styx – Angel Headed Hip Hop’- HERE

Also further collaborations include the experimental piece ‘Hunterland’ which comprises of a ‘Cut-up’ poem by Hicham Bensassi deriving from an orginal piece written by Lee Harris in 1976 – This was included as part of the 50th Anniversary symposium of the seminal book ‘Naked Lunch’ by William burroughs and has been included and can be heard on

Naked lunch @50

Here is the film ‘The Road to the beat Hotel’, documenting the unveiling of the placque at the Beat Hotel: which features Jean-Jacques Lebel, Hicham Bensassi, Lee Harris, Eddie Woods Oliver Harris.

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